Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Hi guys, I’m Kelly Cook from Beautyspot in Mount Maunganui. I’m so excited to share with you my cold pressed certified organic, virgin coconut oil from Indonesia. I have been working with a lovely company to help the… Read More

Brazilian waxing at beautyspot…

I LOVE waxing but I’m sure you must be thinking its just sooo painful.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make you feel more comfortable as a client at Beautyspot! Brazilian’s are my most popular… Read More

A.H.A Active skin peel package.

Over the past 6 Months I have been creating a beautiful active A.H.A solution called “Razzelberry”.  I wanted to create a unique exfoliant to be used seasonally to really boost hydration, plump fine lines, smooth the skin and… Read More

What’s the make-up look for 2016?

2016 – The look is extremely versatile. Think dewy, fresh just left the spa skin rather than over done caked on make up. The minimalist make up trend highlights your personal features in a flattering barely there look…. Read More

Kelly’s spring boosters.

The warmer weather has hopefully come to stay, and with this we all start to get a wee bit excited about social outings and looking our best possible. I always love the feeling that spring brings to my house, fresh… Read More

5 quick tips to boosting skin health!

1. Cleansing at the end of the day only.  Your skin and body is designed to heal itself naturally at night time so I always recommend to my clients to make sure your doing a good cleanse at… Read More

Congesting food – Do you suffer from congestion?

Having a congested bumpy looking skin can be one of the biggest concerns for a teenager even way into our adult years.  It can be the difference between a fantastic looking skin to a not so healthy looking skin…. Read More

What Women Want!

What Women Want! Do you wish you had the time to create a gorgeous fresh look that’s easy to do everyday? Let me TEACH you how to do just this. I have created a way to show each… Read More

Lemon and Coconut Cake made with rice syrup.

Lemon and Coconut cake made with rice syrup! I LOVE making a cake that is full of good wholesome ingredients. A cake that I can happily watch my little girls eat. This cake is light, tangy and contains… Read More

Bestow your natural beauty.

I have been a Skin Therapist for well over 14 years now and still to this day I am seeing skins that are dull and devitalized from simply not enough good fats in your diet. We really need… Read More